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Wong Boon Jun, born in 1998, is a Malaysia-based photographer. He has a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Cinematography & Production at the Communication University of China in Beijing, China. Being touched by beautiful things happening around, Boon Jun is given the passion to express the complex human relationships he observed through photography. At the same time, he has been studying the connections among photography, space and memory to achieve the effect of storytelling photos. His ultimate goal is to share the world he sees and feels to people around the world through photography.



2018 – 2022

Communication University of China - Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Cinametography & Production

Major in Photography


Tsinghua University via XuetangX


Visual Language, Immortal Works of Art: Masters and Classic, History of Foreign Art and Design



2023      Selected as EXPOSURE+ PHOTO 2023 Festival

2022      Awarded “Excellent Work” Award in The 4th 1839 PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD

2022      Selected as Graduation Works of CHUNXIZHAOXIANGGUAN 2022 Graduate

2022      <Grandfather's Journey: A Chinese immigrant story> was selected as Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition of CUC 2022 Undergraduate Art Major

2022      Nomination The 2nd BANSHAN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD TOP30+

2021      Awarded “Excellent Student Work” Award in Pingyao International 

              Photography Festival.

2020      Winner 2020 MSAC Malaysia Prihatin Photography (Humanity)

2019      <Melaka Straits Mosque> selected in contest entitled “PERADUAN FOTO CINTAI MALAYSIA” for the “PREMIER TISSUE” organized by Nibong Tebal Paper Mill Sdn Bhd



2023      The Journey of Lifetime: Wong’s Immigration Story, Exhibited Artist, 2023 Open Call: A Different Light, EXPOSURE+ PHOTO 2023 Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2023      The Journey of Lifetime: Wong’s Immigration Story, Exhibited Artist, Shenyang International Localized Image Festival, “With Glory With Dust”, University Photography-Video Exhibition, Shenyang, China.

2022     Tracing Family Histories And Memories, Exhibited Artist, The Past is Always New, the 4th 1839 Photography Awards, Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum, Chendu, China.

2022      The Journey of Lifetime: Wong’s Immigration Story, Exhibited Artist, “Memory”, CTypeMag’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2022      The Journey of Lifetime: Wong’s Immigration Story, Exhibited Artist, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

2022      Father at Work, ESPERANZA project space virtual group exhibition curated by Carlos Hernandez

2021      Grandfather's Journey: A Chinese immigrant story, Exhibited Artist, Pingyao International Photography   Festival, Shanxi, China 

2019      Learning Chinese Calligraphy, Exhibited Artist, 5th Communication University of China Trade Union,     Beijing, China



1. Papers

(1) 王文骏. 浅谈光线与构图在毕加索《兄弟俩》中的运用[J]. 大观周刊,2020(19):135. DOI:10.12224/j.issn.1008-925X.2020.19.107.

(2) 教改论文《人像摄影课程建设成果》,第三作者,收录于论文集《以本为本:中国传媒大学教学改革创新成果汇编》(中国传媒大学出版社,2021年5月出版)

(3) 王文骏. 《从<话说长江>到<再说长江>》,收录于著作《百名外国留学生看中国电影》,李亦中,诸廉编,上海交通大学出版社,2022年10月出版。

2. Works

2021      “FAIRUSLIZAI BT JUSOH FAMILY” “Lily” published in Photovogue

2021      “Blossom” published in F.R.W.L Magazine (Issue Vol.15)

2021      “The Precious Grey” published in MARIKA Magazine (December Issue)

2021      “Rose And White” published in SAINTEIGHT Magazine (2021 Nov Issue)

2021      “In His And Her Eyes” published in Mordant Magazine (THE JUNE ISSUES)

2021      “Dot Element” published in Teen MALVIE (TEEN Edition | June 2021)

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