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Exploring impermanence through dynamic seascape photography, capturing Minyak Beku's evolving beauty, one daily shot at a time.

In this world, does 'forever' truly exist? Forever landscapes, forever happiness, forever relationships, forever jobs... Plans can never keep up with change, while 'temporary' becomes the norm. In my hometown, there's a scenic spot known as Minyak Beku. From its humble beginnings as an undeveloped seaside area, with very few 'tourists' venturing here, only the locals would come to witness the sunrise and sunset. Even the visitors before the sea can be seen as transient figures. In order to depict the fluidity of the seascape, I deliberately move the lens and use a tripod to sway the camera from left to right or from right to left, adding a sense of motion and a visually dynamic experience to the otherwise static image. In this series, I select one photograph from each day's shots and name the piece after the date it was taken.

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